90 Day Trial Application EMA First Step Retainer

Start getting a better night's sleep.SM

Introducing EMA® First Step, the new 90 day trial appliance from Myerson for the treatment of snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). You can make this custom fit oral appliance in your office in just 15 minutes or have one of our authorized EMA labs make it for you. The EMA First Step is the perfect way for your patients to discover how they can get a better night's sleep.

If an overnight sleep study confirms successful treatment with an EMA First Step, schedule your patient to receive an EMA custom lab-fabricated final appliance that will last for years.

Make your own EMA First Step for only $59!
Simple and quick in-office fabrication means your patient can leave with an EMA First Step the same day and start sleeping better that night. The EMA First Step kit includes everything you need and is available exclusively through participating EMA laboratories.

Or have an authorized EMA lab make it for only $89.
Don't have time to make it in office? Just send upper and lower models or PVS impressions to your authorized EMA lab. When your patient is ready to progress to the final EMA custom appliance, your lab will already have the modelwork! Prices listed are MSRP

See the
Dr. Kumar video:

Dr. Kumar

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Amit Kumar, DDS, and his staff show how easy it is to vacuum form an EMA First Step in office.

"With the EMA First Step trial appliance, I can eliminate cost as a barrier to my patients accepting treatment and help them get a better night's sleep."

To order, call an authorized EMA lab today!

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Vacuum forming sheets were heated properly before forming. The material wraps completely around the button.


Overheated vacuum forming sheets sagged more than the recommended 1/2 inch. Overheating can result in webbing or wrinkling.


Under heated vacuum forming sheet were formed prematurely. Sheets do not wrap completely around the button.