Fine Scratch Remover
The Myerson Fine Scratch Remover is a special polishing compound specifically designed for VisiClear, DuraFlex, DuraCetal, as well as other types of thermo plastics like acrylic, nylon or polycarbonate.

Thermoplastic Model Separator
The key to a great polish starts with the Thermoplastic Model Separator.

Acetal Polish
Myerson’s Acetal Polish makes it quick and easy to give a high gloss to any dental appliance made from acetal resin.


Myerson Polishing Kit
Kit Includes:

  • Yellow Discs (6)
  • Red Discs (6)
  • Blue Discs (6)
  • Green Discs (6)
  • Plastic Mandrels (4)
  • 3-inch Muslin Buff
  • Fine Scratch Remover