Become an Authorized EMA Lab

Thank you for your interest in becoming an authorized EMA lab. The certification process includes fabricating an EMA test case and signing the EMA Authorized Lab Agreement (see below under Resources). All details are outlined below.

1. Fill out form below.

2. Lab agreement (see below under Resources) — Please review, sign page 8 and return to Myerson at or (fax) 800-424-2928.

3. Once we have received your agreement, we will place your certification order for $99. A credit card is required at this time.
The certification order includes all necessary EMA components, an EMA prototype and instructions for fabricating your test case.

4. Once you complete your test case, please send it to the following address for evaluation:
Myerson LLC
Attn. Jim Swartout 
5106 N. Ravenswood 
Chicago, IL 60640

The evaluation process may take up to 4–6 weeks. You will receive an email with feedback confirming your evaluation is complete.

Upon approval, the $99 certification fee will be credited to your account and applied to your initial EMA stock order.

Initial stock order includes:

• 36 strap packs, each to include 25 straps. This provides you with every strap length and strength combination as we have 4 strap strengths and 9 strap lengths.

• 4 custom kits which include 2 discs, 4 buttons and 2 bite pads per kit.

There are two disc sizes available:

• 120mm — compatible with the Erkoform thermoforming machine

• 125mm — compatible with the Biostar and Ministar thermoforming machines


Please see the attached EMA Authorized Lab Agreement for review, and let us know if you have questions.

Video instructions on how to fabricate an EMA appliance can be found in the following link:

Myerson does not sell thermoforming machines, but they can be found in the following links:

Thank you,
Myerson Customer Service