Reliable, Repeatable Results

The Myerson FlexPress is capable of injecting a wide variety of thermoplastic appliances, including flexible partial dentures, clasps, unilaterals, and temporaries. Process Myerson DuraFlex flexible partial dentures, Myerson VisiClear clear clasps, and Myerson DuraCetal durable cosmetic appliances using the pre-programmed settings. You can also save your own settings for any other thermoplastic material. The integrated heating unit and injector* ensure uniform flow of thermoplastic materials.

Key Features

  • Integrated heating unit both melts thermoplastic material
    and preheats injection flask. Digital controller ensures highly
    accurate temperatures.
  • Melt Temperature, Melt Time, and Hold Time for Myerson
    DuraCetal, Myerson DuraFlex, and Myerson VisiClear
    are pre-programmed.
  • Program and save your own settings (3 maximum)
  • 3-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

* Requires hookup to air pressure. minimum 90psi (6.2 bar)